Visualizing Data and Collaborative Scholarship

3ApSTi Workshop – GIS Mapping of Literature


William Faulkner and the Digital Humanities:

Visualizing Data and Collaborative Scholarship

9th December 2015, Wednesday 2:10-4:00 pm

303 JiTao Hall, National Chengchi University(國立政治大學季陶樓303教室)

 Dr. John Corrigan presents


The University of Virginia’s multi-year collaborative project to encode Faulkner’s entire Yoknapatawpha fiction as an atlas of interactive maps. The project will be contextualized in terms of the relatively recent emergence of the digital humanities, discussing a number of theoretical and practical issues with which this new discipline engages. We will also workshop the digital prototype in which scholars have thus far encoded half of the 15 novels and 48 stories that comprise Faulkner’s Yoknapatawpha canon.


John Corrigan, Prof of Literature, Eng. Dept. NCCU

Contact: David Blundell,